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With the opening of Jurassic World VelociCoaster just weeks away, there is truly little else on my mind. So whether you’re like me and have literal dreams of what it will be like to ride for the first time, if you’re just now learning about all things VelociCoaster, or somewhere in between — I’m here to catch you up and hype you up on this new species of roller coaster opening June 10th in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

The coaster is first and foremost a thrill ride.


The team developing Jurassic World VelociCoaster initially set out to bring a new thrill ride into Universal’s Islands of Adventure. And boy did they hit the mark with this ride! It has four inversions, two exhilarating launches, a one-of-a-kind 360-degree barrel roll right above the lagoon, an inverted zero-gravity stall that will send riders upside down across 100 feet of track, and a 155-foot tall “top hat” with a 140-foot drop at eighty degrees. Hold onto your butts, am I right??

The adrenaline will be nonstop.

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Once you’re strapped in and VelociCoaster starts going, you are in for over 2 minutes of nonstop adrenaline spanning more than 4,700 feet of ride track. The ride has no brakes until it’s over, which means you get no breaks until it’s over. It doesn’t even slow down! In fact, it actually speeds up; the second half of the ride is faster than its first, so it ups its own game throughout the entire experience.

The environment will add to the thrill.


Surrounding VelociCoaster are a whole slew of incredible foliage, plant species, and rockwork that don’t only fully immerse you in the jungle setting of Jurassic World, but literally make the ride more thrilling. The team working to combine the roller coaster and the environment (including the 36,000 square feet of rockwork) aimed to make it feel like the attraction itself has teeth. 

BONUS: The environment will also add to the convenience. VelociCoaster offers the first ever dual-sided lockers at Universal Orlando Resort. You will be directed in by Mr. DNA himself to one side of the lockers to drop off your belongings after having been through most of the queue (don’t worry — we know you want to snap those pictures of the Raptors!). And then, after the ride, you’ll head to a whole other area that holds the other side of the lockers so you can retrieve your belongings easily! 

The coaster and Raptor Encounter will tie together.

Once VelociCoaster opens, you’ll really be able to see a full story thread throughout both attractions. It will be very clear that the new Raptor Encounter paddock exists because the handlers are trying to train the Raptors to deal with the various elements of the park and that story continues to some degree in VelociCoaster.

You’re going to want to ride in both the front row and the back row at least once.

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’Cause they’re unique experiences either way! If you’re sitting in the front row, you will experience extreme air time as you ride over the top of the top hat. And in the back row of the train, you will experience extreme air time as you get pulled down over the 80 degree drop on the other side of the top hat. Either way, you’re getting extreme air time!

It is going to be so much more than a coaster.

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While the team developing the ride was always committed to making sure adrenaline and thrill were at the forefront, in order for VelociCoaster to truly stand out, they knew they needed to also pull in the unique environment of the Jurassic World franchise wherever they could. This happens through horticulture, through the Velociraptors you’ll be racing on the ride, and all the rockwork and elements in the paddock. You will literally be eye-to-eye with dinosaurs, so yes, there is thrill being delivered on several different levels.

There are a handful of hidden gems to keep an eye out for.


I won’t spoil them all for you because half the fun is trying to find them yourself, but. I’d recommend keeping an eye out for a book by Dr. Ellie Sattler, taking a closer look at the attraction posters throughout the queue, and maybe even some nods to classic Islands of Adventure attractions.

VelociCoaster will be the first Jurassic World ride at Universal Orlando Resort.

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VelociCoaster takes place shortly before the events of the first Jurassic World film. Claire Dearing has been instructed by her boss Simon Masrani to add “more teeth” to the park. Work has started on the Indominus rex, but VelociCoaster is the first step while that exhibit is in development. This is the first time in UOR history that the Velociraptors are front and center for an attraction. For that reason, the Raptor Pack — Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo — are the stars. Speaking of the stars…

There are so many incredible facts surrounding the Raptors of VelociCoaster.


So many in fact, we’re writing a blog just about them! Keep an eye on our blog here and be sure to stay up-to-date on all the news and details about VelociCoaster.

Share in the comments below what you’re most excited about for your first, second, third, sixty-six millionth time riding Jurassic World VelociCoaster. And we’ll see you there on June 10th!

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