Halloween Baking Safety Tips

This Halloween, keep in mind the importance of safety when baking your favorite holiday goods and treats. Whether baking cakes, cookies, or seasonal items like a Halloween gingerbread house, keep in mind that ingredients such as flour and eggs can carry salmonella. Never let children eat uncooked Halloween cookie dough or unbaked Halloween cake mix as bacteria may be present. 

As children may also handle raw ingredients while helping to bake Halloween treats during the holiday season, make sure they practice proper hygiene and wash their hands thoroughly after handling raw ingredients. Always make sure that children aren’t hungry when they are helping you prepare food and teach them not to snack on things that aren’t fully cooked. 

Kids are often tempted to snack while cooking, especially if you are making treats that will include frosting, icing, sprinkles, or pieces of candy. Be aware of the potential for cross-contamination when handling raw eggs or flour and then touching candy.

Make certain to thoroughly clean cooking areas and make your recipes according to the pre-packaged instructions or according to standard cooking times to ensure the highest level of safety.

Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!


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